Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Medications for the erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disease of the reproductive system in men and is manifested in the form of the weak erection. There are two types of the disease: organic – when a man is not able to have erection, and psychological – when he can have erection but it becomes weak during the sexual intercourse, or right before it, at the moment of the sexual arousal.

In order to cope with this disorder, it is possible to use special pills. They are harmless and approved by FDA. You will have and keep erection even during the severe types of the sexual disorder.

The most effective medications :

-Viagra is the first product for the hard erection. It has a strong action and a high popularity all over the world.
-Cialis is a long-running agent, the action of which lasts for 36 hours. You will be the best with it.
-Levitra is a safe drug for old men who care about their sexual life.

How do medications act?

Drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment inhibit PDE5, an enzyme blocking a dilation of the blood vessels of the penis and reducing the blood circulation. Blocking this enzyme, more blood goes to the tissues of the penis, so that a man has erection easily.